La Medicina Farm

Kuan Yin

La Medicina Farm is A Healing Retreat

Visit Us To:

  • Have a deep rest & restore your wellbeing
  • Connect to the elemental nature within
  • Unplug from your regular routine
  • Experience farm to table nourishment

Basic Price List

Basic stay $160/per night
$190 per night for a family of 3+

All inclusive meals and herbs
$60/day 1 person • $100/day for couple

1hr/$100 • 2hr/$180 • 3hr/$250 • 4 hours/$300

Your time at the farm would be individually designed to fulfill the intention of your visit.

Minimum stay for the wellness visit is 3 nights 4 days

Guests can undergo a body-mind assessment to create a customized plan – which might include the following:

  • Chinese medicine treatments
  • Hot oil treatments
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Herbal therapy
  • Detox / cleansing protocol
  • Limpias
  • Breathwork
  • Lymphatic drainage massage
  • Facial lymphatic massage


We are now also affiliated with the naturapathic clinic in Medford offering Ozone therapy and Vitamin IVs

person with acupuncture needles on a massagre table