La Medicina Farm

Ancestral Arts & Life Skills

La Familia Grande: A Family Gathering Coming in 2024.

Life skills workshops offered by practicing primitive skills teachers

  • Earth Element Herbal Class Session with Anya
  • Fire and Earth Keeping Workshops
  • Community Fire, Story Telling & Music
  • Ancestral Arts & Elders Council
  • Games for the kid in all of us
  • Community Sweat Lodge
  • Delicious Healthy Meals

A weekend of meaningful arts & life skills, indigenous wisdom, music, storytelling, games, feasting and resting.

Our intention is to grow, learn, inspire, feast and rest within our family, big and small.

Join us here at La Medicina Farm for two days and feel connected to Pachamama, our Mother Earth. This gathering is for little and big humans for the sake of making our world a bit warmer, kinder, cleaner and safer for our children. We will connect with our hands and hearts to share knowledge, resources, nurturing and love.

Fees will Include:

  • Camping on beautiful land with a creek sound for two days
  • Two farm to table organic meals each day (breakfast and dinner)
  • Outdoor shower as well as cold creek for dipping¬†
  • Compostable bathroom

Individual Classes Will Be Announced

  • Sign up for classes at the event
  • Fees will be set by the instructors¬†
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